Spanish and Portuguese Relativity Meeting – EREP2023

The Spanish and Portuguese Relativity meeting that will take place in Bilbao from 17th till 21st of July of 2023.

These Relativity meetings date from 1977 and they are organized on an annual basis by one of the different groups doing research on Relativity and Gravitation in Portugal or Spain. The 2023 meeting will be hosted by the gravity and cosmology group of the University of the Basque Country.


Organizing Committee: M. Bouhmadi-López (Chairwoman), R. Lazkoz (Co-chairwoman), T. Broadhurst, J. Lizarraga, A. López Eiguren, J.Urrestilla, C. Garcia, P. Morilla and A. Urio.

Scientific Committee: M. Bastero Gil, S. Capozziello, V. Cardoso, P.Martín-Moruno, O. Mena, J. P. Mimoso, G. Olmo, P. Vargas Moniz

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