Previous Calls – PhD studentship | Physics (May, 24th – June, 9th; 2021)

Notice of the Call

Call for PhD studentship


The Center of Mathematics and Applications of University of Beira Interior (Covilhã, Portugal) opens a Call for granting 1 (one) PhD studentships (BD) complying with the provisions of the FCT Regulation for Research Studentships and Fellowships (RBI) and the Research Fellowship Holder Statute (EBI).

The scholarships will be funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) under the Collaboration Protocol for Funding the Multiannual Plan for Research Scholarships for Doctoral Students, signed between FCT and the Center of Mathematics and Applications of University of Beira Interior (CMA-UBI), with reference UIDP/ 00212/2020.



Type: Research grant PHD studentship
Reference: CMA-UBI-FISICA-UIDP/00212/2020
Main research field: Physics
Vacant Posts: 1
Country: Portugal
City: Covilhã
Institute: Universidade da Beira Interior/CMA-UBI



The call is open from May 24th to 12:00 pm (Lisbon time) June 9th 2021. Applications, and all the supporting documents described in the RBI and in this Notice of the Call, must be sent by email to



The PhD studentships aim to support research activities leading to obtaining the PhD degree of the selected candidates within the scope of the following Doctoral Program:

PhD Program in Physics, Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Beira Interior.

The research work will be carried out in the CMA-UBI. The duration of the scholarship is one year, renewable up to a maximum of four years (48 months).

The renewal of the studentship always depends on applicant’s submission, within 60 working days prior to the renewal start date, of the following documents:

a)     Declaration issued by the supervisor(s) and by the host institution(s) attesting the work plan development and the evaluation of the respective activities;

b)     Updated document proving compliance with the exclusive dedication regime;

c)      Declaration demonstrating the enrolment renewal in the study cycle leading to the doctoral degree.



PhD studentships are aimed at applicants that comply with the requirements to enroll in the PhD Program in Physics, at the University of Beira Interior.




The following citizens may apply to this call:

a)     National citizens or citizens from other member-states of the European Union;

b)     Third-party states citizens;

c)      Stateless individuals;

d)     Citizens holding a political refugee status. To apply for a PhD studentship it is necessary:

e)     Not to have benefited from a PhD or a PhD in industry studentship directly funded by FCT, regardless of its duration.


It is essential, under penalty of not being admitted, to attach the following documents to the application:

a)     Identity card / citizen card / passport;

b)     Candidate’s curriculum vitae;

c)     Letter of interest explaining the reasons for her/his application, indicating the research areas of interest, presenting her/his academic/professional academic path and how these are related to the work plan.

Write the application and all documents associated with it, including the letter of motivation, in Portuguese or English. Attach to your application supporting documents of the information referred to in the Curriculum Vitae.



The work plan will fit in the scope of one of the research areas of CMA-UBI. Specifically: high energy physics (theory and phenomenology), if possible with applications to cosmology and gravitation. The selected candidates will be supervised by one of the integrated members of CMA-UBI (



The assessment takes into account the candidate’s merit. Applications considered admissible will be scored on a scale of 0-20 in each of the following evaluation criteria:

a)     Criterion A – Curricular evaluation, weighting 71%;

b)      Criterion B – Letter of motivation, weighting 29%.

For curriculum evaluation, it is recommended to present a list of publications, specifically in international peer-review journals, indicating the appropriate metrics for an extremely competitive and demanding scholarship contest like this one. If available, indicate which academic training courses you have attended and obtained approval, specifically the contents (summary) of those courses, in particular those whose contents will be useful for research work. Candidates who are fluent in the English language will be valued.

The motivation letter should include, with appropriate focus and detail, the following. What, with whom, why and how the candidate intends to develop research within the scope of this scholarship. In particular, what the candidate intends to achieve in terms of research and scientific contribution in the area of ??high energy physics (theory and phenomenology), if possible with applications to cosmology and gravitation, within the scope of the topics that potential advisors of the CMA-UBI may contribute and collaborate with. In addition, the letter should describe the candidate’s skills on using/creating: 1) ‘machine learning’ algorithms, with special application in the field of cosmology; 2) application of cosmomc in cosmology, which must be demonstrated by means of supporting documents for criteria A and B. Finally, the student may have to attend the curricular year of the 3rd cycle. In this context, we suggest that the letter indicate which courses the candidate wants to attend.

For the purposes of deciding whether to award the scholarship, applicants will be ranked according to the weighted average of the classification obtained in each of the three criteria, translated by the following formula:

Final Classification = (0.71 ×A) + (0.29×B)

If the jury considers it necessary, the candidate may be called for an interview to be held by video-conference. Research Grants will not be awarded to candidates with a Final Classification less than 14 points.



President: Rui Miguel Nobre Martins Pacheco, CMA-UBI.

Effective member: João da Providência e Costa, CMA-UBI.

Effective member: Paulo Rodrigues Lima Vargas Moniz, CMA-UBI.

Effective member: João Pedro de Jesus Marto, CMA-UBI.

Substitute member: Ana Paula André Martins, CMA-UBI.



The admitted and excluded candidates will be notified by email of the final ranking list, including the copy of the Preliminary Report of the jury.



After being notified, candidates have 10 working days to submit, if applicable, a formal rebuttal. After that period, the jury notifies the candidates of the Final Report.

Excluded applicants may complain about the jury’s final report for 15 working days after notification or appeal the jury’s decision to the CMA-UBI Board of Directors for 30 working days after notification.



The monthly amount of the grant 1.104,64€ is in accordance with the values stipulated in the “Regulations for Research Grants of the Foundation for Science and Technology” in force

( )

and shall be rendered through a monthly bank transfer to an account held by the grantee.



The studentship includes additional allowances, according to RBI’s Article no. 18 and the values indicated in its Annex II.

All the studentship holders have a personal accident insurance related to the research activities, which FCT will support.

All studentship holders who are not beneficiaries of any social protection regime can use the right to social security through the voluntary social insurance regime, under the terms of the Contributory Scheme of the Social Security System. FCT will ensure the charges resulting from contributions under the terms and with the limits provided in Article no. 10 of the EBI.


12. Legislation and applicable regulations:

A fellowship contract will be celebrated according to:

1.      Law 40/2004 of 18th of August (Scientific Research Fellow Status) and its successive amendments, including the amendments introduced by the Decree Law n. 123/2019 of 28 th of August:,

2.      Regulations for Research Grants of the Foundation for Science and Technology in force:


For more details, please see the Notice of Call:  English VersionPortuguese version